World Freestyle Football Champion Andrew Henderson Gets Insanely Tricksy On Tour Around London Town (Video)

Chris Wright

29th, July 2013

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By Chris Wright

Here’s World Freestyle champ Andrew Henderson doing his tricky-dicky thing all around London town like some kind of mad Dick Whittington using various flailing body parts to flamboyantly keep a football from touching the floor – including a little spell on the Tube, strap-hanging and playing keep-ups while stopping at Rejection, Disappointment, Backstabbing Central and Shattered Dreams Parkway…

Impressive stuff. Pretty much pointless in terms of the actual game, but impressive none-the-less.

(Via ITV Football)

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1 Comment

  1. Bof says:

    Clearly handball at 0:16. And at 1:06 again.

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