This? It’s Just The Spain U21 Side Messing Around In Training… (Video)

Chris Wright

10th, October 2013


By Chris Wright

Here’s the Spanish U21 side dicking about in training for a bit with a “players vs goalkeepers” drill in which the 15 outfield players are tasked with scoring past the three ‘keepers in one goal – a throwaway little game which also involves some of the most impressive close control, interplay and last-gasp defensive blocking you’re ever likely to see…

Gah! Don’t you just hate them sometimes?

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  1. nat says:

    meh…seems normal for professional footballers…if they can do this without the ball touching the ground then I’m impressed.

  2. Peters says:

    There’s THREE friggin keepers there!!!!

  3. TravisKOP says:

    Eh, its understandable why they dominate football. They literally have nothing else to do all day seeing as there are no jobs and they are rubbish at everything else.

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