Football GIFs: Cristiano Ronaldo Scores Couple Of Beauties During Hour-Long Cameo vs Osasuna

Chris Wright

27th, April 2014


By Chris Wright

Spain Soccer La Liga

Real Madrid stuck four past Osasuna at the Bernabeu last night to keep themselves within three points of Atletico Madrid at the summit of the Liga table, with Cristiano Ronaldo bagging his 29th and 30th league goals of the season (for the fourth consecutive season!) before being taken off on the hour-mark – and a couple of handsome brutes they were too.

Numero two…


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  1. Patrick says:

    Ladies and gentlemen – I present to you the best player in the world. I’ve always regarded him higher than Messi (and I really really rate Leo) and we have seen him become a thoroughly good and respectable man throughout his career. Right foot, left foot, headers and all the fancy things in between. What seperates him from messi for me is his power and his ability to score at any moment from anywhere within 40 yards, messi scores amazing goals but they finish in the box most of the time. Ronaldo to me is the most “complete” player I’ve ever watched and has a fair shout for the best player of all time.

  2. paully says:

    I agree 120% in regards to Patrick’s remarks
    on CR7.

  3. A bomb says:

    Regarding the Ronaldo comments: depends on how one defines “complete.” The criteria being used is only with regards to scoring goals — and very particularly — the variety at one’s disposal to score goals. That’s a very, very, very narrow criteria. Even with regards to goals scored — Messi scores more goals. So, if you peel back the criteria from the narrow how-one-scores-goals to frequency of goals scored, than already CR7 takes a bow. Let’s forget for a moment things like chance creation and assists — Messi plays one of the finest through balls I’ve ever seen.. and he’s on a team with Xaviesta! So, I think it’s safe to say that Messi is the most “decisive” player in the game. (Possible ever)

    But, for most complete player, I’d have to go with Zidane. He had everything in his locker: passing, dribbling, scoring, tempo setting, and he had one of the absolute finest free kick deliveries I’ve ever seen. Right up there with Pirlo, Beckham, etc. He was a complete midfielder that controlled the game. If we’re fair and honest, it’s impossible to pick a “most complete player” that’s not a midfielder since they are involved in both the attacking and defending phases of the game. Strikers/wingers or center backs can never be as complete.

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