Pep Guardiola Weighs In And Instantly Ruins Bayern Munich Keepy-Uppies Session! (Video)

Chris Wright

23rd, September 2014

By Chris Wright

Having wandered over to take part in a spot of light keepy-uppies with a few of the younger members of his squad, Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola swiftly brought the light-hearted drill when he flubbed a touch which appeared to bounce awkwardly away off his crotch.

Rather than stick around for the ear-flicking punishment coming his way, Guardiola then simply ran away to avoid any further embarrassment…

“Oops. Buggered that one up, SEE YA!”

Elsewhere, feast your eyes on Pep’s more senior players working their collective way through a new “bucketball” drill.

The amount of skill, control, dexterity and enthusiasm on display is extremely impressive…

They’ll go far, this lot.

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