Lionel Messi Lights Up Copa Del Rey Final With Magnificent Solo Goal (Even By His Standards) (Video)

Alan Duffy

30th, May 2015


By Alan Duffy

Lionel Messi is certainly no stranger to incredible goals, however even by the pint-sized superhero’s own stratospheric standards, this strike is outstanding.

Scored in the 20th minute of Barcelona’s Copa Del Rey final clash with Athletic Bilbao, this was sheer, unadulterated, jinky brilliance from the Argentine conjuror.

Neymar made it 2-0 before Messi netted his second of the game as the Catalan giants eventually won 3-1.


Photos: Getty Images

Video: Patriota Biznes

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  1. SG says:

    When will Messi’s opponents realise it’s very easy to stop him. All it tastes is a cricket bat and his knee caps, and it’s job done!

  2. Rob says:

    Yes, but could he do it on a wet Wednesday night against Stoke?

  3. S says:

    Rob – atletico bilbao is better team than stoke. And if it’s about physicality, why would messi put his body on the line for other players to cut him down? Look at what tough Serie A defences did to Van Basten. The guys ankles were shot at age 28

    • Nuno says:

      “S” – Messi couldn’t do that on a soaking wet pitch, the ball would be stuck after each touch.

  4. Adam says:

    S — I’m not sure what’s funnier — Rob’s joke or your literal interpretation and response to it.

  5. Migz says:

    This guy ^

  6. LBRL says:

    I think S may have double bluffed us all with that reply to the classic Stoke joke. Good stuff.

  7. Ron says:

    Creative dribbling and speed aside, is this not awful keeping from the goalie? Gotta take away the near post, especially with his shooting lane to the back post blocked.

  8. Natamba Leo says:

    Messi’s goal against Athletic Bilbao was not only classic but it showed that the magician is mathematical in the way he plays the game. Check where he fired the shot after beating a network of defenders. If you are not a genius in the game, it may be very hard to beat the goalkeeper. Let us wait for more from this young man.

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