Young Lad Pulls Off Amazing Triple Trick Shot Through Basketball Hoop In His Back Garden (Video)

Chris Wright

10th, March 2016


A gentlemanly doff of the cap is definitely due to this young lad by the name of Sam, who submitted the following video as part of MotD Kickabout‘s open call for DIY trick shot footage.

As you’re about to see, Sam absolutely nails a triple salvo, smoothly clipping his football through the basketball hoop in his back garden three times in a row, and all with nothing but socks on his feet!

Top stuff. All while playing in stocking feet, too.

If footbasket does eventually become a fully licensed international sport in the near future, we think we’ve just found its first global icon.

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  1. usrick says:

    Even when he slips and falls on his arse. Impressive.

  2. P says:

    I once ruined my ankle playing in socks like this – smashing it the other ankle. It was the size of an apple for a week.

    Some one get this boy a pair of boots!

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