Serie B: Trapani Goalkeeper Mirko Pigliacelli Sparks Counter-Attack With 80-Yard Cavalry Charge Down Field (Video)


Fans of unorthodox, unnecessarily risky goalkeeping will no doubt enjoy this sublime little nugget lifted from Sunday’s Serie B encounter between Frosinone and Trapani.

After going behind after just 11 minutes, relegation-threatened Trapani found themselves chasing the game for the majority of the afternoon.

Indeed, as time wicked away, ‘keeper Mirko Pigliacelli collected a corner and, sensing a counter-attack was on, took it upon himself to embark on a Herculean 80-yard charge down field in which he beat a man, romped into Frosinone’s final third and delivered the ball to his striker…

Potentially (and needlessly) perilous stuff from a maverick goalkeeper, but you’ve just got to admire Pigliacelli for his…