No One Likes A Showboater (Video)

Ollie Irish

16th, October 2010


By Ollie Irish

Because sometimes the only way to deal with football’s showmen is with a leading elbow to the FACE.

Via The Original Winger

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  1. Markell says:

    Actually, not cool, Ollie. Football is the beautiful game, not the thugs game.

  2. Party Man says:

    I like the music, very sexy.

  3. Jay says:

    Am so surprised this happened all in Brazil…..The place where expression on a football pitch is a thing of beauty to watch…..Some of the tackles/reactions in this video remind me of Sunday League!!!!! If you get beat by skill, work at getting the ball back, fairly!! – not like a sunday league thug….

  4. AlanS says:

    So no more condescending articles about Ryan Shawcross/Allardyce/Karl Henry then?

  5. yank says:

    only a yellow!?

  6. Micky says:

    Theres a difference between beautiful football and showboating markell. Beautiful football has purpose, showboating has no purpose other than to embarrass the other team. I have no prob with the above vid.

  7. Qman says:

    I don’t know why anyone’s suprised we all know how emotional and impulsive a lot of latinos are… I’ve seen a ref book a player for showboating! In brazil it is classed as inciting outrage (because of the aforementioned emotiveness) so refs frown upon it :)

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