The Mighty Zlatan Scores Another Ridiculously Good Goal, Milan vs Brescia (Video)

Ollie Irish

6th, December 2010


By Ollie Irish

Have you ever seen such good feet on such a big man? As he never tires of telling us, The Mighty Zlatan is a truly remarkable talent…

Piss about on the ball for a bit, then TWAT it into the net. It’s a simple formula but one that has served Zlatan very well over the years.

On this form, no wonder Inter president Massimo Moratti says that his club let Zlatan go too soon. The fact that the clubs Zlatan plays for win trophies – when he is playing for them – is no coincidence.

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  1. Nuno says:

    Ibra left too soon?? That is a big LOL
    If Ibra hadn’t left, Inter would still be him plus 10… Inter sold him and got Eto’o and, thanks to the aditional money, Sneidjer (15 M€) and Milito. It was the deal of a lifetime!
    Zlatan is good, no doubt, but without him Inter actually started to play like a team. When he was there, it was allways “give the ball to Zlatan and let him decide”. If Inter hadn’t made that deal, I honestly don’t think they would’ve been european champions.
    There are certainly more regrets from Zlatan who left Inter to win the CL, and then the team he left ended up wining the CL (and eliminated his’). That should be hard for someone with such a “small” ego…

  2. Kishore says:

    “The fact that the clubs Zlatan plays for win trophies – when he is playing for them – is no coincidence”…and the fact Inter won the Champs Lge without him or rather Barca lost it with him in the team is a funny indeed

  3. Karl Moon says:

    You say they win trophies with him, but those clubs won trophies before and after he left, and more notably, European Cups, before he joined Barcelona and after he left Inter.

  4. Rafa Benitez says:

    He is undoubtedly a great talent but he has ALWAYS been at the best team that season in whichever league he has played in.

    Like Nuno said, Inter got the deal of the century when they basically got Eto’o, Sneijder, Milito, Pandev and money left over for his transfer. It turned Inter from a one man team into an actual team capable of winning the CL.

    Being on course to win 8 consecutive leagues is incredible, but IMO he will never win the CL because whoever he plays for will never (quite) be good enough to win it.

    Being able to score against Brescia does not make you a great player.

  5. JB says:

    Actually…no! With the exception of Inter that won (with all the new players from the deal) after he left, all the teams he’s played for didn’t win anything the years before he came and haven’t won anything after he left. Fact.

  6. dnpma says:

    jb: barca?

  7. Ibra says:

    Zlatan IS Milan. Great to see him playing well again and scoring important goals.

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