Futsal Star Ricardinho Scores A Wonder Goal (Video)

Ollie Irish

17th, December 2010


By Ollie Irish

Here’s a news piece on futsal star Ricardinho. At about 1min 15sec in, you can watch him score a quite spectacularly cheeky wonder goal (and I gotta say, the woman signing for the deaf doesn’t really do it justice). Or, why not watch the whole vid, as it’s only 1min 42sec in total.

Let’s call this the ‘flipper’.

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  1. Temjin says:

    Ricardinho is a very, very accomplished player. About 3 years ago the then Benfica Manager Quique Sanchez Flores tried to give him a tryout in the 11-player version of the game. Only to back down when the media started to mock his idea.


  2. Temjin says:

    Oh I forgot to mention in the first post, the play’s called a “goat” (“cabrito” in the original) and the guy used to to it a lot in the portuguese futsal league. But never to score goals, only to to pass the ball.

    And yes, we also think that the name is pretty lame.

  3. V says:

    Ooh, hadn’t seen it yet.

    Temjin said it all.

    Brilliant goal by whom is the most skilful and certainly one of the most intelligent futsal players of the world.

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