LONG SHOOT! Kazumasa Uesato emulates David Beckham with wonder goal from inside own half

Ollie Irish

7th, August 2009



Holy sushi, that is one brilliant finish, just as impressive as David Beckham’s famous lob against Wimbledon, or Xabi Alonso’s effort against Newcastle Utd.
If you’re interested, Uesato plays for Consadole Sapporoin the J-League’s second tier. His goal was scored against the brilliantly named Avispa Fukuoka.
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  1. Billy says:

    Why is this “shoot from your own half” still refered to a doind a BEckham
    Xabi Alanso has scored twice in competetive games from his own half and also had several keepers scrambling to get back. surely he must go down as the long shot king.
    Beckham wasn’t the first to ever do this, just the first to do it on SKY TV.
    So IMO it should be called the Xabi (yes I know the article references Xabi but as a secondary not the player who consistantly tries from this sort of range).

  2. ghazal says:

    spot on billy! these kind of balls should be referred to Alonso, who is always dangerous & consistent from that kind of range.,not beckham who only tried it once & got lucky

  3. Ollie says:

    OK, noted. From now on, all goals scored from inside own half will be termed “Xabis”.

  4. Tim says:

    Ghazal, Beckham has scored twice from his own half. He hit a 70 yarder with the galaxy last year as well.

  5. Matt says:

    But not really as impressive given the Kansas keeper had come forward for the corner, so Beckham just had to hit the empty net.

  6. eamogomez says:

    ya nd alsonsos vs luton same story

  7. Billy says:

    Yes, bt as I was saying originally he scored twice and had 8 or 9 other attepts that I can recall.
    The 2 that sticj out was once against Sunderland and the keeper ended up in a heep in the net after tipping the ball to make sure it was going over.
    Against Real Madrid in the CL and their keeper was panicing to get back, but again also tipped the ball over to make sure.

  8. Neil says:

    More importantly lost among the Beckham/Xabis debate is the question… Is the cross bar in that goal invisible?

  9. Silas says:

    How about this one:
    This was AGAINST Beckham’s team. That landing from the keeper looked painful.

  10. Chringle says:

    I once scored an own goal from the oppositions half – so any subsequent other-half-own-goals should be refered to a ‘doing a Chringle’.

  11. FYI
    Beckham scored his latest “Xabi” against Kansas CITY, not Kansas. Kansas is a state. Granted, it is very confusing. The Kansas City Wizards are based in Kansas City, Missouri but play their games, at least temporarily, in Kansas. And there is also a Kansas City, Kansas located directly across the border from Kansas City, Missouri.

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