Pies Hero Steve Nash Pulls Off Impressive Freestyle Basket/Football Trickshot (Video)

Chris Wright

17th, June 2011


By Chris Wright

I don’t really remember why Steve Nash is a Pies hero, other than the fact that he is what enlightened scholars tend to refer to as a ‘massive dude’.

Any road up, here he showing us his favourite freestyle basketball/football hybrid trickshot in a (possibly CGI’ed?) Chinese advert for something or other…


Brah got mad skillzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, brap brap, etc, etc.

Video: The Offside.

More Nash magic on Pies…

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Odd Couple Steve Nash & Landon Donovan Shill For FIFA 11 (Video)

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  1. TravisKOP says:

    NOT fake, ive seen him kick a basketball in from the 3 point line in training camp vids. His brother is a pro footballer and he was gonna go pro before he decided to play basketball instead

  2. nickooo says:

    After a bit of practice i dont think that would be too hard!

  3. Michael D says:

    @Travis – Yeah, he’s worn his love of footie on his sleeve for quite some time…if I’m not mistaken, isn’t he an investor (or was instrumental) in the Vancouver Whitecaps (MLS)? In any event, still a great PG though its one of those times where you wonder I wonder how he’d have been as a professional footballer

  4. pete says:

    nash is part of the ownership group of the whitecaps, their captain used to be his older brother (they are both now involved in the front office)

  5. cj herrera says:

    a) Link no linky.

    b) This may be why he’s a Pies Hero:

  6. __wowza says:

    these are real, he did something similar to these for the NBA slam dunk competition for one year. he also headed the ball into the net. i’d find a video for it but im at work and cant view youtube.

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