Real Madrid’s Sensational ‘One-Touch Counter-Attack Masterclass’ Goal vs Ajax (Video)

Chris Wright

28th, September 2011


By Chris Wright

In which Cristiano Ronaldo slots away Real Madrid’s first goal against Ajax last night (they went on to win 3-0) after Real made their way from one end of the Bernabeu pitch to the other in the space of 10 seconds and seven touches.

Just watch and drool…


Video: 1Goals

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  1. Veej says:

    Thought I was watching Barca there! Amazing! ^__^

  2. Edgar says:

    I bet Johan Cruyff still somehow called Real Madrid’s play anti-football including this play.If you didn’t know Johan now is director or some shit at Ajax.

  3. Papi says:

    @ Edgar,
    Spot on, mate.

  4. Papi says:

    Lovely little wait by Ozil to let the defender run slightly by. And Benzema’s waited cut-back was clever. As if they were possessed. Lol

  5. Redskywalker says:

    Aliens marked their approval on this video. Terrrrible sound quality lol.

    Great goal, not as good as a couple of the goals United scored against Roma a few years ago though.

  6. Red_Devil says:

    Quick and efficient, unlike Barca and there 40 million touches, I don’t like that type of football.

  7. Varun says:

    Its still anti-football because thats how they play when it matters,
    1 brilliant goal doesn’t change the whole, just like it doesn’t make Barca the only team that doesn’t dive because Messi doesn’t (except that 1 time)

    Goal was good but criticism still valid and fair.

  8. derman says:

    this kind of football will be real’s weapon against barca, they are practising for el-classico, they should only beat barca with this kind of fast attacking tactis, u cant beat them on posession for sure

  9. abioye oluwafemi says:

    a million of that will not stop barca from beating them; that’s if they even get the chance to try it.

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