For Reasons Unexplained, Bolivian Club CD Wilstermann Unveil New Coach At Back Of Ice Cream Parlour (Photos)

Chris Wright

21st, December 2018

Photo: @juanpasten2010/Twitter (via TyC Sports)

To the untrained eye, the press conference called by Bolivian side CD Jorge Wilstermann to reveal their new coach unto the world was just like any other.

An array of club officials sat stony-faced behind a desk littered with microphones as the president waffled on about looking forward, ambition, etc, etc.

However, for reasons entirely unexplained, Wilstermann decided to swear in their new manager at the back of a local ice-cream parlour.

Indeed, a quick shift of perspective reveals that the envoy was merely crowded around a booth at the far end of the room…

Photo: @juanpasten2010/Twitter (via TyC Sports)

Even more confusingly, Wilstermann’s new coach is a Spanish bloke by the name of Miguel Angel Portugal.

They nearly had us going for a moment, but now we’re 100% certain they’re having us all on.

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