Stoke City Flag Blasted Into Space After Fan Spends Months Campaigning On Twitter

Chris Wright

4th, December 2015

Pictured is disabled fan Andrew Rushton at Britannia Stadium with flag that will go up into space Brief. SCFC players to hand over a stoke city flag (pitch side at the Brit) to disabled fan Andrew Rushton who has persuaded our astronaut to take it up into space to the space station! We've helped organise it. (NO STOKE CITY PLAYERS PRESENT) Category.     shw Date.    17/02/15 Time.         3pm

Stoke fan Andrew Rushton holds the very flag that will go up into space (Photo: Stoke Sentinel)

After months and months of tireless campaigning, the day is finally upon us that Stoke City have had their club crest blasted into orbit.

Thanks to lifelong Stoke fan Andrew Rushton, a small Potters pendant was stowed in the hand luggage of British astronaut Tim Peake as it was launched from Cape Canaveral to the International Space Station on a supply flight on Thursday evening.

Peake will join the pennant on the ISS in a week or so’s time, when he leaves for the space station himself on 15th December. He’s promised to Tweet a photo of the flag in space to Rushton as soon as he gets the chance.

Rushton began his “Let’s Get Stoke In Space” campaign on Twitter back in January, and has basically badgered Peake ever since until he finally caved in.

“I’m over the moon,” the 42-year-old Potters fanatic told the Stoke Sentinel. “It has all been cracking stuff.

“I’m a huge fan of science fiction and I have found space fascinating, probably since I received my first telescope when I was younger.

“It will be one heck of a buzz to see the Stoke City flag in space and the support for the campaign has been brilliant.”

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