Football GIF: Sunderland’s Wes Brown Sent Off For Hard But Fair Challenge On Stoke’s Charlie Adam

Alan Duffy

23rd, November 2013


By Alan Duffy

I don’t even think this challenge was a foul, no matter a red card. However, the man in black at the Britannia on Saturday, Kevin Friend, decided to send Wes Brown off for this challenge on Charlie Adam. A dreadful decision, no?


GIF: 101gg

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  1. Bo Larsson says:

    It was the worst decision I ever seen . Friend must be blind.Stop him form enter a football match again as referee.

  2. Cedric Scantonia says:

    When the tears of a stove bleed purple rings, find the dove that reveals no malice.

  3. Moxey says:

    Sadly, it’s the second worst decision made by a Premier League ref today.

  4. Joe King says:

    Horrible challenge. Potentially leg breaking. It’s this sort of tackle we need to clamp down on.

  5. Referee says:

    Excessive force, eh? I know no one likes to see a player sent off for a ball-winning challenge, but the point of showing red cards for excessive force is to eliminate leg-breaking challenges. IMO, Wes Brown had no business going in as hard as he did. Those are the tackles that, if even slightly mistimed, can end a player’s career. I thought it was an awfully ballsy decision from Friend, and I feel bad for how severe the backlash has already been. There’s no place in the game for tackling with grossly excessive force. Brown could’ve gone in half as hard and still won the ball without risking injury to himself or his opponent.

  6. 333 says:

    SSDD. . . Nothing will be done. . .Everyone in an official capacity will always back the ref regardless. . .The commentary was embarrassing, . . .the typically inconsistent reffing was embarrassing. The lack of rescinding the card, the lack of a red for their keeper. . . the yellow for questioning said decision was embarrassing. This whole league is corrupt, run in the manner of a dictatorship to retain the monopoly, . . .The Premier League, FIFA, ET AL. . . ALL AN EMBARRASSMENT. What more can be said. Its a lame joke.

  7. Matt in Chattanooga says:

    wonder if Mike Riley will be giving Gus Poyet a ring to apologize! awful red card.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Great tackle….end of

  9. john rushing says:

    What has this world come to?

  10. Wilson says:

    What excessive force? That was a 50/50 ball and Brown was entitled to go for it. And he didn’t even touch Charlie Adam.

  11. Bob G says:

    If that was excessive force then there were at least 37 red card challenges in that match.
    The problem, however, is far deeper than one red card.
    7 out of the last 10 games that Sunderland’s Friend has refereed have been directly influenced by his incompetence (admittedly he has refereed us at home vs Man City twice when we scored controversial goals).
    Another interesting statistic is that we have had four players sent off this season and Friend has been in the official group on every occasion (4th official at Palace & Hull)- Coincidence?
    Friend has also issued 12 Premier League Red cards in his career, 5 against Sunderland (all of them controversial and significantly 3 of them when we’re behind and threatening to get back into the game. The other 2 were in a game against Portsmouth, in which he had clearly lost control, having given us a dodgy penalty and then sent off the wrong man. When at half time, this was pointed out by Avram Grant, he spent thenext 45 minutes trying to right his errors – A more than interesting coincidence?
    You decide!
    In my opinion the man is the embodiment of the chant “You’re not fit to referee”

  12. Wesley says:

    OMG look at Adam flying through the sky, what a hit. Unbelievable!! [/sarcasm]

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