‘I’ve Only Made One Bad Tackle’ – Lee Cattermole Lies Like A Cheap Rug

Alan Duffy

12th, October 2011


By Alan Duffy

Sunderland’s combative midfielder Lee Cattermole  has apparently cultivated something of a persecution complex judging by his latest comments.

The 23-year-old hardman, who has picked up only 47 bookings and five red cards since 2005/06 in domestic football said: “I feel like they (referees) are out there for me at the minute. Maybe it’s my stupid mistakes in the past that have got me that reputation, so I can’t sit here and blame everyone else. I have to get rid of that reputation, but it’s so hard at the minute when I find myself getting a succession of soft yellow cards.”

“If you put every foul I’ve ever made up on the television, I think there’d be one tackle which was actually a bad one, ” he continued. “That was against Scott Parker when I was playing for Wigan and I’ve spoken to him since to apologise about it. That’s the only bad tackle I’ve made in my career – all the rest have been genuine attempts to win the ball, not nasty attempts to hurt someone.”

In his last game against West Brom, Cattermole was subbed off by manager Steve Bruce , who was worried that the midfielder would eventually see red again after receiving a yellow.

“The tackle I got booked for wasn’t a foul, simple as that,” explained Cattermole “But it’s twice it’s happened now with Steven Reid. He’s six foot four and he rolls around like a girl, simple as that.”

Forgetting the inherent sexism in Cattermole’s comments about Reid, take a look (see video below) at a challenge by the harmless little chap on Luka Modric last season.

Along with the likes of Ryan Shawcross, Kevin Davies and Karl Henry, Cattermole is either a) one of those good old fashioned tough English players not afraid to get his hands dirty, or b) a dangerous thug. You decide.


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  1. Chris says:

    You get the feeling he’s as dumb as a stump.

  2. Montesquieu says:

    The tackle was an entireously proper and Cattermole’s only difficulty is that moronic idiots such as those souls who follow this internet site are too stupid to fully appreciatafy his finely tuned skills.

    What must be kept to the forefront of one’s mindspace at all times is the etymology of the word ‘tackle’. It is thought to have originated in the mid 13th century as a word for apparatus or gear – in particular the rigging of a ship.

    From around 1400, the usage of the expression “to furnish (a ship) with tackles” rapidly increased and by 1714, the word had taken on the meaning of harnessing a horse. The meaning to “lay hold of, come to grips with, attack” is attested from 1828 and it was from here that the use of the word as a sporting term developed.

    The noun meaning the “act of tackling” in the sporting sense is recorded from 1876.

    I would submitify that Mr Cattermole is gravely and dangerously misunderstooded and we must all – rapidly and without any delay at all – re-assess-abate this fine young gentleman.

    His work merely serves to provide a powerful reminder of the proud history and heritage of this most beautifiable terminological wordery.

    I must now return to my Mother.

    I am very clever don’t you know? I am also, generally, above this sort of thing.

    Good day,


  3. David says:

    Opening day of Reading’s first season in the Premiership, he went through Kitson in a ridiculous assault, put him on the sideline for months. Boro were 2 nil up at the time. They still lost 3-2.

    If he think he’s getting persecuted for a reputation, that’s his fault – he earned it.

  4. Billy McGooligan says:

    Lee Cattermole talking about Vincent Kompany… “he just went straight over the ball into someone’s shin. I’ve never done that in my life”… hmmm… might want to watch the above video there Lee

  5. Paul says:

    errmmmmmmmmm i would have to say……………. B)

    He’s the kind of guy that eats glass for breakfast and wonders why it tastes like blood

  6. barf says:

    I remember a game a few years ago where his whole objective in a game was to break Ronaldo in half just as he was becoming the main threat at Utd. Think he got sent off for that quick-smart.

  7. Eeny says:

    Lee Clattermole.

  8. Tinez says:

    Glad to have him as the mackem captain. Awful midfielder.

  9. Nick Wiper says:

    not even that good a player to be honest

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