Tight-fisted Spurs asked Chelsea to pay Duff’s wages


27th, July 2006

Scrooge_mcduckHow daft are Spurs? You try and convince everyone that you’re a big club with ambition, and then, whilst trying to land a big player (like Damien Duff), you ask a proper big club (like Chelsea) to help out with his wages.

Spurs have a wage structure that is seemingly pretty strict. No-one at Spurs earns more than £45,000 a week. Duff is on £70,000 a week. According to the Telegraph, Spurs chairman Daniel Levy suggested that Chelsea pay the difference between
Duff’s salary at Stamford Bridge and what he would earn at White Hart
Lane. In other words Chelsea would continue paying Duff about £20,000 a
week. So what did Duff do? Buggered off to Newcastle, that’s what.

Mof Gimmers

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