Tottenham donkey tells Arsenal meerkat to ‘shut up’

Ollie Irish

25th, November 2009



When Russia skipper Andrey Arshavin layed into his underperforming team-mates at half-time during last week’s World Cup play-off second leg against Slovenia (which Russia lost), a lone voice reportedly told him to pipe down.

“The only player who protested about Arshavin’s talk was Roman Pavlyuchenko,” a dressing-room mole revealed. “He told Andriy strongly to shut up.”

Good to see that Pavluchenko is carrying Arsenal-Spurs relations into the international arena – never mind that Arshavin is a brilliant footballer, whereas Pav (the modern-day Rebrov to Arshavin’s Shevchenko) is a useless donkey who can’t find the barn door, let alone kick it.

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  1. sol says:

    arshavin is the Russia captain, he was probably trying to sort out the boys in the dressing room. at least that donkey can enjoy the fact that hes behind peter crouch in the pecking order at spurs. thats how wank he is.

  2. Jesus says:

    They’ve always hated each other. Even in Arshavin’s very first interview when he signed for Arsenal, when asked about Pavlyuchenko, he said “We are not friends”.

  3. Biggie says:

    Arshavin is too far up his own arse

  4. Dilly Crump says:

    FFS get of Pavs back he is a decent striker and if given 5 or 6 games in a row would offer a good return. He is better than Robbie at the moment and would play well alongside JD. He’s a Spurs player so support him, it has not been easy for him coming to a strange un friendly country and then not getting played. He’s a smashing lad who only wants to play football, so cut the crap or go and support Arsenal.

  5. rich g says:

    andy smoothbum is a twat, hes so up his own arsenal, and will probably be playing for barca next season, pav just needs a chance, and when that 8foot tall fuckwit hopefully snaps one of his freak legs, spurs will be all the better for it, go on pav my son

  6. Jesus says:

    Wow, a Spurs fan actually hoping one of his own strikers breaks his legs? Weird.

  7. Andy says:

    In actual fact, Pav was apparently in the right, it was documented that Arseshavin and two others had been out on the piss all night before this game.
    Arseshavin was being the primadonna and Pav put him in his place.
    Arseshavin does have quality, but there seems to be a mental problem there, so don’t get too up yourselves Gurners, till he is actually performing more frequently for you.

  8. Kilf says:

    As is often the case the reporter has tried to bring irrelevant detail to the story, being a good bad or indifferent player has no bearing on personality and respect. If Arshavin was being a cock then he should be told, at least Pav has the guts to do so.

  9. Leo says:

    Writing from Russia! They are both twats!!! Arshavin is more of a cock, since the whole world (mostly you brits) poured him with fame, he has gone downhill (we call it- STAR sickness). Pav can’t be blamed (but he’s still a twat), Redknapp is a whore for not playing him. Pav should leave spurs and join some good club in which he will get some more playing time.
    The best Russian in EPL is Zhirkov- by a long mile!!!!!

  10. bob builder says:

    >If Arshavin was being a cock then he should be told, at least Pav has >the guts to do so

    And if the team was sucking badly gainst Slovenia then it was Ashavin’s responsability to light a fire under their sorry arses.

    Guess what? When you are useless on the field and the captain calls the team for it at half time, some will suck it up and man up in the 2nd while some will whine and moan and find excuses and feel personally offended.

    Of course, either way we have no clue and this is fishwives stuff.

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