Football GIF: Emmanuel Adebayor Skies His Spot-Kick vs Basel As Arsenal’s Togolese Sleeper Cell Is Finally Activated

Alan Duffy

11th, April 2013


By Alan Duffy

Quite a horrific spot-kick from Mr. Adebayor here…

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  1. Jarren says:

    Haha, awesome title Alan!

    I’m sure Arsene is wearing a wry smile right now…

  2. Saladinho says:

    Before I was fairly confident he’d hit it in the the back of the net…….then I saw his run up.

  3. dave says:

    he can’t score from 5 yards let alone 18

    -spurs fan

  4. jeanne says:

    please please tell me why tottenham bought adabayor.
    HE IS SO SHIT. He makes me so angry. What is he doing on the field, please someone tell me!!

  5. harry r says:

    Spurs play good football, good players, they like to have a go – but when you buy a player who everyone can tell is much more interested in counting his money then running around for 90 mins, you gotta expect him to let ya down. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he missed on purpose just to avoid having to play on Thursdays. (As if Ade gives a flying f**k whether spurs win or lose, he gets paid either way and was probably thinking about his next move before they were even back in the dressing room).

  6. polish spurs fan says:

    You guys are fucking retarded. First of all he gives % of his wages to charity and second he has been working like a grafter for the team for over a good month now as he finally woke up a little. One blatant spot kick cannot be picture of his yesterdays 2 hr display in which he worked really hard for the team. Pity there’s no Bale or Lennon atm cause Ade galvanises them with his style of play. The Togolese striker is way better that Defoe. Stop abusing him and start watching matches closely.

  7. Si says:

    @Polish Spurs Fan – no need to get so angry, boy, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Adebayor has an awful reputation in these parts, particularly as he is perceived as a money-grabbing journeyman with no allegiance to the clubs he plays for, and does not really seem to care about playing football anywamore. Sure, it could be nerves, but he was caught on camera SMILING after the miss (Christ, at least put on a show for the fans that have paid £50 to watch the game). He may have run around a lot yesterday, but his performance was poor overall and most Spurs fans seem to agree with this.

    Even my missus guessed that he was going to miss the penalty, simply by his walk up to the penalty spot and his little skip before kicking it. He was simply not at the races, which is a shame as he is clearly talented and can light up a game when he wants to.

    Also, a better striker than Defoe? That is debatable. I do not believe that he minutes-per-goal strike rate is anywhere near Defoe’s (although I could be wrong), however he is clearly a better target man due to his height. Everyone is entitled to their opinion though.

    Just to clarify, giving money to charity does not make Ade a better footballer. It just makes him a better humanitarian and / or a very good manager of his taxes / financial affairs. Jordan Henderson could give 99% of his wages to charity for all we know but he still should not be allowed to watch football, let alone play it!

  8. Patrick says:

    Phase 1 complete. . . .

  9. polish spurs fan says:

    Don’t kid yourself Si, it was not a genuine smile, he was embarassed and he tried to hide it. Take a closer look, not only the smile. He’s in a pure shame before and after. Though I’d rather not see it at all as well as you. But whatever, it was terrible and I felt the same as y’all when he did that run up. And the charity bit was up agaist the silly “he’s counting his money”. And you’re right, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. IMO Defoe provides 0 team play so out of two mediocre strikers, I’d always pick Ade, who did immense job yesterday in a 10-man team, which started with only 2 or 3 pure 1st choice players. Open your eyes and get behind the team. COYS

  10. Sultan says:

    The run up to take the spot nailed it…kudos to Ade

  11. Jesus says:


  12. Steve Howe says:

    C’mon Alan. You missed a golden headline for that.
    How about ‘adebayor’s spot kick with Basel faulty’.

    Ps. Is that Alan prism Duffy from London?.

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