Tottenham Launch ‘Turfies’ Online Game (‘Moshi Monsters’ Knock-Off) Targeted At Snaring New Generation Of Young Fans

Chris Wright

8th, August 2013


By Chris Wright


Tottenham have become the first football club to produce their own self-developed computer game with the launch of “Turfies” – a browser-based online game that Spurs are hoping will rope in a new influx of young fans.

Loosely based on something called “Moshi Monsters” (a ridiculously popular online game in which kids create, collect and swap their own avatars) Turfies allows young Spurs fans to create their own football-shaped character and then train them up by playing games, solving puzzles, having a stab at quizzes inside a Tottenham-flavoured virtual world to earn trophies and in-game coins which can then be used to unlock new items for your avatar or by converted them into real-life prizes – think stadium tours, club merchandise, etc.

It’s all free and mainly about getting a new generation of 7-10 year-old Spudlings to engage with the club *cringe* and, of course, eventually begin siphoning away their money as and when.

What we really need is Arsenal to set up a rival game (Arsies?) and then allow the two sets of characters to wage bloody battles across a virtual North London. Now that’d really grab the kids’ interest!

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  1. Joe says:

    Get yer fecking head out of the computer kids. And shame on you Spuds for encouraging it. How about Tottingham Hotspurs Football in the Community bollocks put investment in a few facilities in the neighbourhood? Even giving away an actual FOOTBALL or two to our pasty-faced, sunken-eyed, RSI-stricken youth.

  2. Aaron says:

    Joe doesn’t know much about the TH Foundation by the sound of it

  3. Mokum says:

    I grew up as a fan of my club holding my dad’s hand standing on concrete terraces peeking through a fence. This stuff is dumb, kids don’t need something like this to fall in love with football.

  4. Neil says:

    This is all utter bollocks. As a Yid I can’t help but cringe every time I see a new picture of Dawson or Sandro standing next to one of these monstrosities they call a “relevant youth marketing strategy”. When my nephew sits at the computer playing Moshi Monsters I always utter through gritted teeth “that’s nice, Josh, well done”, knowing that his time is better spent emanating Bale in the park.

    But re: Joe, yeah, you really don’t know anything about the Tottenham in the community initiative…

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