Geeky Teen Tottenham Fans Produce Music Video Of Mind-Numbing Awfulness (Video)

Alan Duffy

19th, August 2013


 By Alan Duffy

Having, many many moons ago, endured those awkward, gawky teenage years myself I really want not to laugh at this video, put together by a couple of young Tottenham fans. However, despite my best intentions, I simply can’t.

Sweet mother of divine Jesus! This is pure, unadulterated cringeworthy genius, based on the song “One Love” by all-time R’n’B greats Blue. The two lads even managed to get some Spurs fans to guest star in this most hilarious of videos.

Yes the lads do state on their YouTube page “We can’t sing, but we’ll sing for the shirt. Hope you like our cringeworthy comedy parody of Blue’s One Love. And thanks to everyone for getting involved and being up for a laugh!”. But, even that humble intro doesn’t lessen the heinous crimes, musical, visual and lyrical, which have taken place here.

At least I guess it’ll give Arsenal fans something to smile about this summer.

Video: WhataSaveDotCom