Frustrated Tottenham Fans Have Pop At Chairman Daniel Levy With ‘Hokey Cokey’ Parody (Video)

Alan Duffy

6th, August 2014


By Alan Duffy

Hardly a work of genius but it’s got enough going for it to warrant a mention on Pies, this video by Tottenham fans @tehTrunk and @Billie_T has a gentle go at Spurs chairman Daniel Levy and his constant tinkering, which has left the club no closer to finally overtaking north London rivals both on and off the pitch.

One wonders how long Mauricio Pochettino will last if things don’t go to well this season!

(Video: tehTrunkTV)

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  1. Tony Borg says:

    Sums Daniel Levy up, good business man but has absolutely no idea when it comes to football, not very good when your in charge of a premiership side.

  2. Joe says:

    They should consider if players like Bale, Modric and Berbatov would of been at the club in the first place if it was not for the ambitions of Levy.

    In Berbatov, Spurs signed a Champion League level striker without actually ever being in the competition. And £10m on a 17 year old left back was a large gamble in 2007.

  3. Colin says:

    Spot On ! Levy is shafting us

    • FatherJack says:

      Another comment from another plastic so called Spurs fan. Guess people forget how far we’ve come over the last ten years and JUST missing out on 4th place (actually done it twice) isn’t good enough. We could always go back to 10/11th place and the very rare 7th place finish. If you can’t handle being a Spurs fan, go and support Man City or Chelsea then. Spurs won everything in the land people would still mock and laugh at us so man up and grow a pair/

  4. John says:

    Quite funny. Pity they don’y how to pronounce Levy…

  5. de says:

    Would you prefer if Sugar was still in charge? Just imagine the s**t we’d be in

  6. colm says:

    in levy we trust , , danny boy will get us there, , gets things done. .fires quickly when it s not worked out.

  7. colm says:

    in levy we trust,danny boy gets s**t done.. he ll get us there..fires faster than wyatt earp when manager has not worked out.

  8. colm says:

    in levy we trust,all others pay cash,(a lot of cash,united +Madrid),danny boy gets s**t done, he will get us there. . fires faster that wyatt earp when manager dosent work out.

  9. FatherJack says:

    We watch the adverts for new shiny stuff and we watch Sky sports who tell us that the only team worth watching are the Top 4 and the ones in the Champions League. Stupid people, why are you following a mid table team or even one that finishes 6th. Problem for a lot of Tottenham fans is where you can get rid of the TV and replace it with that new curved screen one, the unwritten rule is you can’t change teams and this frustrates them. There are too many that have regretted the choice of Spurs and need to take their anger out somewhere. Levy.

    It’s all his fault, doesn’t matter that we have moved forwards in the last ten years from average mid table to actually challenging for the top 4 (and doing it twice), doesn’t matter since I started in the 80s that we haven’t set the world of football on fire. On the manager front (apart from the Woolwich Wanderers and old Man Utd) all teams are chopping and changing and all teams are buying bad players and selling good ones. We’re like everyone else. All this laughing stock of football comments, p**s off.

    It’s not just modern fans blinkered and following every word Sky Sports are telling us it’s the veterans, they suddenly have a huge memory loss, (1977 didn’t happen people). I love Tottenham Hotspur, always have, always will, I have never regretted picking them and never thought why did I choose them. Relegation, I’ll be there.

    Off course we’re laughed at by other fans because that’s the internet these days, and guess what other fans laugh at their teams as well. Who hasn’t had a chuckle at the exploits of Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd or the Islington Gypsies in recent times. We win the title, still get laughed at it will never stop so man up and just ignore it or take it.

    So in a nutshell, take your plastic ways and support them other teams who embrace the plastic glory supporter and let the rest of us support the greatest team in the world, disappointing last season but a new season is upon us and I go in with high hopes and I’m gonna enjoy the ride with the lows and highs because that’s Tottenham Hotspur and I love it.

    • Chi Y-word says:

      Preach, Father Jack!!!

      It troubles me that people forget (or have never known) how poor we were!

      Stuart Nethercot

      Dean Austin

      Chris Armstrong

      If you don’t know who these lot are, give your shirts in at the door. There has been some real dross at the lane through the years, punctuated by moments of magic. Don’t support Spurs in the hope that you’ll win cups every year, it’s not going to happen for a fair while yet! You support Spurs for those moments, Ardiles, Hoddle, Waddle, Klinsmann, Gascoigne, Linekar, Sheringham, Berbatov, Bale – and that’s just in my lifetime! Levy has continued our recovery (without Sugar and Venables’ money, we wouldn’t even have a club) from the mess that the previous administration left us in, and fans have the b*lls to complain.

      Know your history, and enjoy the ride… This could be as good as it gets!!

  10. Rob says:

    tehTrunk I love em. check out their previous videos, class. I cannot believe the fuss about this new vid.

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