The Inimitable ‘Coach Lasso’ Aka Jason Sudeikis Returns In Superb New NBC Sports Premier League Advert (Video)

Alan Duffy

8th, August 2014


By Alan Duffy

Brought to you by the very funny Jason Sudeikis, Coach Lasso (who had a spell with Tottenham last season!) returns to our screens with another superb ad for NBC Sports.

I particularly like the reference to Middle-Eastern airlines sponsoring teams in the Premier League and the little dig at Spurs. Good stuff!

(Video: NBC Sports)


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  1. DynamoChelsea says:

    Here in Texas, during and after the World Cup, I had more than a few of Coach Lasso’s brethren asking me many of the same questions, in the exact same accent.

  2. Jarren says:

    Superb! Rebecca Lowe was a good sport, very funny (and so incredibly hot as usual).

    They should do more of this, the actor is awesome and it’s all very light hearted.

    I’m sure American / Canadian fans of Football like this too. It’s great to see Football finally going towards the mainstream here (I’m from Belfast but emigrated to Canada a few years ago).

  3. thomas connelly says:

    ths really isnt funny….like….at all. not even in an ‘oh thats an american lets enjoy whatever they have to say and smile’ type of way……no….it was just

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