Retro Football: Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho Brands Arsenal Defenders A ‘Disgrace’ After High Scoring 5-4 Win Over Tottenham, 2004

Chris Wright

31st, August 2014


By Chris Wright

Taken from a BBC Sport article dating from 2004, Jose Mourinho had some choice words for the Arsenal back-four after being disgusted and appalled having sat through the Gunners’ rollicking 5-4 victory over Tottenham in the north London derby in November of that year…


Just to recap, Chelsea beat Everton by six goals to three at Goodison yesterday.

Just sayin’…

To be fair, Mou hasn’t altered his stance on high-scoring games one iota over the last decade – telling the Chelsea website after yesterday’s win:

“It’s difficult to believe on Wednesday afternoon we trained for one-and-a-half hours and we did only two things: defensive corners and defensive lateral free-kicks.

“<sarcasm>Imagine how happy I am with the result of our work!</sarcasm>

“It would have been better to give them Wednesday off and stay at home with my wife and kids!”

Bloody hell. Lighten up a bit, man!

(Via Gunners Reddit)