Breaking News: ESPN Sportcenter Presenter Announces Tottenham As Premier League Winners (Video)


Congratulations! (Photo: Getty Images)

Proof that many of our American chums still haven’t quite got the hang of this football malarkey, here’s the cringe-inducing moment that an ESPN presenter cheerfully announced the breaking news that Tottenham had won the ‘EPL’ live on Sportscenter last night.

Just to compound the error, the beaming anchor went on to confirm Spurs’ title win not once but twice…

Close, but no cigarillo – much like Spurs’ title bid, in fact.

(Via Bleacher Report)

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  1. us says:

    In America it would be soccer malarkey, as football is a different (and inferior) sport.

  2. Yankeedoodles says:

    “Congratulations to totenhamshire spurstown on winning the soccerball world series and showing once again why they are the most successful franchise in British sports history.”

  3. A Nonny Moose says:

    You do realize a lot of Americans, including many die-hard soccer fans, call it the ‘EPL,’ don’t you? You’d think that’d be preferable to having a damned BANK or its credit card at the head of the acronym line…

  4. Jarren says:

    How is that even possible? Even the front page of the BBC News site had “LEICESTER WIN THE PREMIER LEAGUE”.

    It doesn’t feel like a mistake, more like “yeah whatever, who cares”

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