Cesc Fabregas Accused Of Sparking Chelsea-Tottenham Fracas By ‘Slapping Several Players In The Balls’


Not that it’ll come as a major surprise to anybody who actually watched the match, but Cesc Fabregas has been accused of instigating the hostility that pervaded the 2-2 draw between Chelsea and Tottenham that handed the title to Leicester City on Monday night.

The tempestuous game was flecked with various moments of ill-discipline. Spurs had nine players booked, a Premier League record for which they have received an automatic fine. Elsewhere, Mousa Dembele is now facing a potential 10-game ban for attempting to gouge at the eyes of Diego Costa.

In short, it was a bit of a shit-storm that saw not one but two mass scuffles break out at separate junctures – including one that knocked Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink on his backside after the final whistle.

However, as per correspondent Matt Law’s write-up in the Telegraph today, Fabregas was the protagonist-in-chief to blame for sparking the brawls after the Blues midfielder “slapped the groins” of both Spurs players and staff.

Eyewitnesses of the bust-up that erupted at the final whistle of the 2-2 draw that handed the Premier League title to Leicester City claim Fabregas was the main instigator.

The Spaniard is alleged to have slapped more than one Tottenham player and member of staff in the groin area, sparking a number of verbal and physical reactions.

Hiddink revealed afterwards that he got hold of Fabregas because the midfielder was shouting “threatening” words in Spanish that would have been understood by the majority of the Tottenham management staff and Erik Lamela, who had trod on the hand of the former Barcelona man.

What a strange creature Cesc truly is.

So intelligent and personable away from the pitch and so prone to being an absolute underhanded rotter on it.

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  1. SP says:

    Dembele witch-hunt – he didn’t gouge at Costa’s eye. It vwas more of s raking clutch high up on the cheek. Pretty similar to what Torres did to Vertonghen a few years ago. I didn’t like that so I won’t defend Dembele either. But all this talk of him jabbing or gouging Costa’s eye is nonesense! Just because the commentator forest described it that way doesn’t mean that description has to stand. He didn’ t jab or gouge Costa’s eye – and Costa’s instant reaction shows that!

    And while I won’t defend it and if heu gets a ban he can only blame himself (but not 10 games FFS) I do seem to recall that Torres was somehow found innocent by the FA! Chelsea set out to provoke Spurs both on the pitch and prior to the match – for which the FA should have clamped down hard as soon as any player or manager, who had to play either one or both of the title protagonists, started mouthing-off about who they wanted to win the title. But as usual the gutless FA never act against certain extremely heavily financially doped clubs. We all know that is true!

  2. Colin Stuart-Campbell says:

    I totally agree SP, that said, I thought Clattenberg handed the game to Chelsea in the second half. He blew for our fouls but not theirs. Their diving would have been funny if I didn’t support Spurs. Spurs were clearly seriously frustrated at this and the reaction was not right. I am still surprised at how few Chelsea players got away with unsportsmanlike behaviours.

  3. Vonslaich says:

    Err.. I’m not a Chelski fan, but I’m pretty sure Spurs were dirty as hell in that game. So in not sure it’s fair to say the referee handed anyone the game.

    I guess Spurs were close to winning the league and they blew it.

  4. Geraldo says:

    “Odious little **** with a track record of sparking brawls is at it again.” Not a sensational revelation, let’s face it…

  5. Rob says:

    The best bit of that game was Fabregas’ reaction when Lamela stood on his hand , he rolled around 20 times as if at death’s door, then suddenly shot up and ran around holding out his hand and re enacting the “stamp” to anyone he could find. It would have looked fantastic put to the Benny Hill theme

  6. ak says:

    The fact Costa grabbed the opposite side of his face says a lot..
    We did get some deserved bookings but Willian escaped for arming Rose in the face, Ivanovic for taking the same player out as well as Fabregash kicking out at Dembele.
    Ivanovic also pulled Dier by the shirt collar away from the dropping ball for Chelsea’s first goal..which incidentally should never have been a corner in the first place! Watching the reply in slow-mo it’s Costa that kicks it out!
    You could argue Kane got taken out in the lead up to their 2nd too..
    Chelsea set out to do anything they could (other than out-play us) to stop us winning…and succeeded.

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