Tottenham: Harry Kane Fully Commits To The Costume While Dressing Up As Bane (Photos)

Chris Wright

19th, December 2016

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“You merely adopted the lone striker role. I was born in it, moulded by it…”

Already well acquainted with wearing a mask and running a violent criminal syndicate from his underground lair, Harry Kane trod familiar territory when choosing his costume for a fancy dress party on Sunday evening.

Indeed, Kane underwent a fairly impressive transformation, documenting his transition from a mild-mannered Tottenham striker to a bald, bulging and disconcertingly venous arch-villain.

First came the ‘before’ shot…

Then the hair disappeared (under a layer of pink latex) as Kane invited fans to guess the identity of his character of choice…

His followers continued to guess (Jonjo Shelvey and Voldemort being the two most popular stabs) until Kane finally ended the suspense with the big reveal…

Pretty good, no?

Looks like he borrowed his coat from John Motson, but hey ho.

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1 Comment

  1. P says:

    A footballer who is smart enough to blur out his license plate in social media photos. They are evolving. Maybe one day soon they will just stick to playing football. who knows.

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