‘Anybody Looking For A Kicker?’ – Harry Kane Appeals To NFL Teams After Skying Penalty In Tottenham’s Win Over Southampton (Video)

Chris Wright

29th, December 2016



Tottenham gave Southampton a sound thrashing in Wednesday evening’s anomalous Premier League fixture as Dele Alli scored twice in a 4-1 victory at St Mary’s.

Harry Kane also headed his way onto the score-sheet to end a three-game mini-drought, but failed to add to his tally from the penalty spot shortly thereafter in rather spectacular fashion…

Replays showed that loose turf was to blame for Kane finding the ionosphere with his attempt, though the Spurs striker was able to laugh it off.

In fact, he even put out a post-match appeal to any NFL teams looking for a new kicker…

So that’s Spurs up to fifth while the Saints remain in eighth place.

Cool? Cool.

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  1. Jeremia says:

    Quite amusing, indeed, alas… I’ve probably been tainted by “modern football”, because I can’t help thinking: he must have wanted to do a rugby joke, but instead was ordered to appeal to the North American market.

  2. Rob says:

    good to see he’s laughing about it.
    And you guys are the only ones reporting that seemed to have noticed that the turf slipped and caused him to sky it. Our trustworthy newspapers can’t seem to figure that out.

  3. Eric from NY says:

    @Jeremia, just so you know, there are more North American football/soccer fans then there are people living in the entire UK.

    Harry Kane follows the NFL and doesn’t need to be told to say anything. Maybe you should grow up a tad and stop being so anti-American or N.American. it’s old…… just like how all British have terrible Austin Powers teeth, maybe you do but we here in the states know most of you don’t.

    have a good one!

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