Circle Of Sh*te: Tottenham Fans Produce Bizarre Lion King-Inspired Musical Horror (Video)

Alan Duffy

19th, September 2017


We’ve seen our fair share of atrocious fan-made musical tributes, but this humdinger from Tottenham fans really is something to behold.

Popped on social media by the @Spurs_US  fan account, the rather slick video by a chap called Jessie Barnett takes Elton John’s ‘Circle of Life’ dirge from the Lion King and perverts it into a quite incredible Tottenham tribute…

What in the name of almighty God is he doing with the baby doll? And what’s he doing with the young lad in the dressing room?

At least it’s well made. Although who would spend so much time on such a dismal clip. Unless it’s a spoof made by Arsenal fans?

“Wanyama, Victor Wanyama” – we’ll all be humming that now.

Still, nothing will ever top this classic…