Tottenham: Famous Golden Cockerel Re-Installed On Roof Of New White Hart Lane Stadium (Photos)

Chris Wright

6th, November 2018

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The ribbon-cutting ceremony may still be a fair way off, but Tottenham have passed a symbolic milestone on the way to White Hart Lane II: The Revenge Of Jafar reaching completion.

As announced by the club on Tuesday afternoon, the iconic golden cockerel that has sat in place on the roof of their stadium returned to its precarious perch.

The famous statuette is actually a scaled-up replica of the nine-foot tall original ‘Lane cockerel, in-keeping with the new stadium’s vastly larger proportions.

As for the stadium itself, it’s unclear how much longer Spurs will be holed up at Wembley, but as the impressive photos above show, it certainly looks like things are moving along in the right direction.

Here’s a bonus archive photo of that lovely, glossy old cock being hand-polished by three earnest gentlemen…

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Apologies for that.

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