Jose Mourinho: Before and after Tottenham’s defeat at Royal Antwerp

Ollie Irish

30th, October 2020


London to Antwerp: Watching a movie with a nice big bag of Proper Corn sweet-and-salt popcorn. Lovely. Gilet. Check. Reading glasses. Check. Private jet, check.

Royal Antwerp 1-0 Spurs.


Antwerp stadium to the airport: Jose’s own caption (he put this pic on his Insta): “Bad perfomances [sic] deserve bad results. Hope everyone in this bus is as upset as I am. Tomorow 11 AM training.”

Jose went from off-duty Bruce Wayne to Bane in a matter of hours. The reading glasses were off. And he wanted his players to know it. Imagine having to walk past that to the back of the bus.

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