I would die for Mauricio Pochettino

Ollie Irish

3rd, November 2020

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Okay, the headline is slightly over the top, but seeing Mauricio Pochettino appear as an unexpected guest pundit on Monday Night Football, the flames of my Poch man love were stoked again. What beautiful manners! And damn, he looks happy, relaxed and well-fed. Shame he didn’t get to watch mentor Marco Bielsa win, but Leicester City fully deserved the three points.

Look at him: as virile as a young Russell Crowe

Whilst I’m really enjoying Jose Mourinho’s work this season, every true Spurs fan misses Poch. But it looks like we will have to get used to the Argentinean managing a different club, as he is clearly back on the market. He said as much to Sky Sports last night: “I am ready to be involved again.”

Where, though? The bookies list Man Utd as the favourites to appoint him, with Man City second and Real Madrid third. I hope he goes to Real, because I don’t fancy having to root against him in the Premier League. But wherever he ends up, treat him well. He’s a special chap.

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1 Comment

  1. HatterMatters says:

    Send the man up track to Luton, we need a good old Mate’ push into the Prem, I’m afraid Jones doesn’t have it in him but to tread water, and there are a few nibbly sharks in the Cahampionship…

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