Ghaly to Blues for £3million


30th, July 2007


Now this is one piece of transfer news that has left my jaw dropping in a most unattractive manner. Okay, so at Birmingham City the limited coffers reduce your targets more than those of the Premiership’s heavy-hitters. Yes, Birmingham is not the most glamourous or alluring place for foreign imports keen to move to the UK, and Steve Bruce’s managerial track record might not include many impressive trophies, but £3 million on Hossam Ghaly? Someone please explain this one to me.
The former Spurs player has moved to the Midlands on a 3 year deal with an option for a further 2 years. Bruce is trotting out the usual welcoming gibberish: “The signing of Hossam is an excellent acquisition. With the loss of Stephen Clemence, he will play a vital role in the middle of the park for us this season. I was always very impressed with him whenever I watched him play for Spurs last season” (did he watch a different player to the rest of us, or is constantly giving the ball away the new tactic at Birmingham?)

“He has all the credentials we are looking for in a player, he is only 25, a very talented international who still has the hunger to succeed in the Premiership. As well as being technically gifted, Hossam can also stand up to the physical side of the game so he will give us that extra edge in midfield. We are delighted to have him on board.” Surely times at St Andrews aren’t that desperate yet? At least wait until the relegation fight until you spend silly money on panic buys.

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  1. lister says:

    “did he watch a different player to the rest of us, or is constantly giving the ball away the new tactic at Birmingham”
    unfortunately this is an old tactic at Birmingham :)

  2. jamilinho says:

    well, if clemence is gone, who else can they get from a top 5 club at this short notice?
    sounds like hes maybe a half to one million too expensive, but tbh you cant pay much less these days..
    btw wasnt clemence on the left? and ghaly isnt a left sided player…?

  3. joe says:

    I agree iwth Jamilinho…3mil seems like the minimum for anyone who’s ever made a prem appearence. I guess that’s what comes when every club gets 50mil just for not getting relegated AND has an owner worth 27 billion pounds. Did anyone honestly think the transfer market wasn’t going to shoot off the chart with the arrival of the last few Abramovich-wannabees. BTW where is the social conscience now??? Where is UEFA condemning everything? Where is Blatter and Platini, fingers-a-waving??? All of a sudden having a massive sugar daddy is ok since Man United did it.