What should clubs do with discontented strikers like Didier Drogba and Dimitar Berbatov?

Ollie Irish

25th, October 2007


73869663.jpgWhy’s it always strikers who throw their toys out of the pram first when things go wrong at a club?
First we had Diddums Drogba not so inconspicuously moaning that Chelsea was a ‘broken club’ that he wanted to escape from when the cold weather bites in January. And, then we had to watch a baggy lipped Berbatov skulking around the touchline when he was left on the sub’s bench against Newcastle.
They obviously see themselves as more important than the club as the straighttalking (but not straight-faced) ‘Arry Redknapp told The Sun, “The very last thing boss Martin Jol needs right now is Dimitar Berbatov spitting his dummy out because he’s not in Tottenham’s starting team every week.”
But both their respective managers, Avram Grant and Martin Jol, have almost defended their petulant behaviour by claiming there isn’t a problem.
Should clubs be taking a tougher stance with despondent players, whether they are scoring or not?