Does Tom Huddlestone love Pies?

Ollie Irish

8th, May 2008

tom hudd profile.jpgIf this was based on waistline alone, the answer would be a resounding yes. But no, we are talking social networking and Myspace. There is a Tom Huddlestone MySpace, which not only features links to Pies’ videos of Huddlestone, but even includes our One to Watch profile of him!
Given that his friends largely seem to consist of desperate bimbos eager to congratulate him on his latest result (and get his phone number) and desperate teenage boys eager to get tips on how to improve their skillz, I sadly have to conclude that this is a hoax. It is a well maintained hoax though (except I’m not sure that any Premier League football could get away with having Leona Lewis on their MySpace). Click here to see The Hudd’s profile and judge for yourselves.

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