Liverpool + Robbie Keane = Premier League contenders


29th, July 2008

Keane is the final piece in Rafa Benitez’s puzzle
I’ve noticed that on a lot of football forums, both Liverpool and Spurs fans are claiming that Robbie Keane is past it; Spurs fans say it because they’re sad to see him go, Liverpool fans say it because perhaps they would rather sign a younger buck like David Villa.
Repeat after me: Robbie Keane is not past it. Robbie Keane is not past it. Robbie Keane is not past it. Robbie Keane is not past it. Robbie Keane is not past it…
Keane is 28 (and only just), not 33. He was born in the 80s, for God’s sake. He’s in his prime, as he showed last season, when he was Tottenham’s best player. Want to know why Dimitar Berbatov settled into English football so quickly? Because he was playing alongside Keane, who is one of the most generous, intelligent forwards around. Rafa Benitez knows that, and I’m sure Juande Ramos will discover it to his cost in the coming season.

Keane is an absolutely first-class signing for Liverpool; he’s exactly the type of player who Fernando Torres needs as his wing man. And he’s a lifelong ‘Pool fan. He won’t emulate the great Kenny Dalglish, whose No.7 shirt he has taken, but he will make Liverpool a better team.
If I was a Liverpool supporter, I’d much rather take Keane than Gareth Barry. I do rate Bary highly, but Liverpool’s squad is not lacking in central midfield: Mascherano, Lucas, Gerrard, Alonso etc.
If Barry does go to Anfield, great. If not, don’t worry; in Keane, Liverpool have signed the right player, a player who can help turn them into genuine title contenders.

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