Tottenham Hotspur did win something this season!

Ollie Irish

16th, June 2009


FANZONE-JAMIE-GASCOIGNE-NEW_1490566.jpgThis is Jamie Gascoigne, a Dagenham-dwelling Spurs fan with a big squawky mouth. He’s just been voted Sky’s FanZoner of the Year, which is, ahem, the only thing Spurs won in 08/09. It’s something at least for Yids to be able to say, “We have a more annoying and opinionated fan than you…”
Though Jamie is not a guy I’d want to be sat next to at the Lane every other weekend, I have to admire his enthusiasm and his uncanny ability to get “right up” the noses of Arsenal fans. Watch him in action below…

Favourite quote: “Gotta look at yourselves there Spurs, you really ‘ave gotta look at yourselves…”
And yes, he does celebrate like a girl.
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