(Back)pass of the weekend: Carlton Cole to Jermain Defoe, West Ham v Spurs

Ollie Irish

24th, August 2009


Beautiful through ball from Coley to Defoe. Oh. No.
Seriously, what was Cole thinking? An early contender for worst pass of the season. Although for Spurs fans, it looked like a game-changing pass of rare beauty.

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  1. meji says:


  2. megaman789 says:

    It was almost as if Cole had thought Defoe was in his team and he was playing internationals.
    That was one of the best passes you’ll see in a week but it was to the wrong team!!
    I’m still laughing!!
    I wanted Tottenham to draw(no offense Ollie) cuz I support Liverpool and they beat us and I wanted them to go down :(

  3. Denis Mcallister says:

    How can a professional player make such a mistake. Hope he,s made to buy a round for rest of the team, and get spector to pay half,because he,s not good enough.Spector can,t mark, backs away, 9/ 10 the player gets the cross in.

  4. wllmhll says:

    totally changed the game that back pass.

  5. Chringle says:

    In answer to Mr Mcallister, I think it’s cause they’re all very very stupid.

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