Talking Point: Should professional footballers be allowed to have fun during the season?

Ollie Irish

21st, October 2009


peter-crouch-and-jonathan-woodgate partying

Crouchinho and Woodgate (who is clearly channeling Madchester) pull some sweet moves while celebrating last weekend’s win at Pompey in some overpriced nightclub

Arry Redknapp was reportedly not a happy bunny after a few of his Spurs players were papped out on the town after the win against Portsmouth.

I know that footballers are finely tuned athletes and professionals and all that crap – but for those of us lucky enough to have a job right now, the latter applies (I happen to be a finely tuned athlete too) to all of us too. In other words, we’re professionals as well, and I imagine that getting pissed affects our ability to do our job. But that doesn’t stop us going out and having a lunchtime pint, or a rollicking good time on Thirsty Thursday etc.


Henry Winter of The Telegraph Tweeted about Crouchy’s antics. It may be daft but why shouldn’t footballers have fun too?

I strongly believe that we should lighten up when it comes to footballers letting their hair down – in the past, ballers got away with murder (all-day sessions, poker games etc.), but now they are expected to live like monks (albeit millionaire monks), leaving their mansions only for training and matches.

The odd night out during a season isn’t going to have that much effect, surely. Sweat it out the next day, as the likes of Bryan Robson and Paul McGrath used to do.

So how about a bit less sanctimony when it comes to letting our heroes let off steam, eh?

What do you think: Should footballers be allowed to have fun like the rest of us?

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  1. yamonn says:

    well done, Mr Winter. just how I feel and probably put rather more succinctly. listened to Adrian Durham yesterday afternoon accompanied, fortunately, by Mr Mickey Quinn rather than that loudmouth knowall Mr Gough. I believe Mr Durham sees himself as a wind-up merchant, but he really isn’t very good at it. is instead rather offensive, as Jamie Carragher let him know. there are more serious issues to be discussed in football – the arrogant Fergie for instance,I refuse to call him Sir Alex; it would be an insult to an already insulted honours system – than two young men enjoying a night out during which not one young lady cried rape or a member of the paperazzi got a smack in the mush. and I’m sure messrs Woodgate and Crouch were at the wrong end of ‘arry’s tongue on monday!!!

  2. James147 says:

    Of course they should be allowed to have fun. Does that mean they have to go to a club and get plastered? Is that the only way to have fun? Of course not.

    Sorry, but alchohol has a negative impact on your health whichever way you look at it. That means their performance will be affected. These people don’t operate outside the laws of nature, so they need to keep it to a couple of units at the weekend.

  3. Squelch says:

    I’m with Harry. When they’re paid £40k, £60k, £80k a week, can they not resist temptation for the footballing season? How many footballers have found themselves in trouble on these nights out? Too many to recall.

  4. shay says:

    I am not sure mentioning Paul McGrath really strenthens the argument but if it’s the same night that a game was played then why not? They are human and wanna go out once in a while. Use up before it gets old and all. But for 90% of the time they should be at home in bed ready for training the next morning.

  5. Chringle says:

    Has Crouch widdled himself?

  6. Joe says:

    It’s an interesting question; are footballers, with their 50k wage packets and role model function be allowed to go out? However, I think there’s a more pressing question to be asked here: has Crouchinho pissed himself?

  7. kaya says:

    It’s a tough call, telling these guys they have to be on the straight and narrow 24-7 all season, but you won’t see most people crying for them.
    All the same, going out drinking is what young people do.
    It reminds me of a quote I read somewhere back in the midst of Henry’s best Arsenal days. Basically that he didn’t drink during the season which the english players considered tantamount to cheating. It was pretty funny.
    Unfortunately, what your parents told is probably right: you shouldn’t be out partying at 3AM. Worse than having photos taken of you, you could wind up in a situation like Charlie Davies… and even worse, his friend. (Disclaimer: I know no one yet knows if there was alcohol involved… but we do know what time they were out.)

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