Who Ate All the Pies. It’s a new blog that gives British football the hairdryer treatment

Ollie Irish

5th, July 2006


A few months ago we launched Who Ate All the Bratwurst, the only World Cup blog with a bigger football brain than Teddy Sheringham’s. Until Bratwurst burst onto the international scene, Teddy was owner of the world’s biggest ‘football brain’ – he will donate it to science after he dies and then the FA will use it to help England win the 2046 World Cup.

We stole Teddy’s crown though and now we’re growing our football brain with the launch of Who Ate All the Pies, a new British football blog that will give domestic football the hairdryer treatment. We may even throw a few teacups around. From the Premiership to the Scottish Second Division, if it’s shaped like a ball and it’s British, then we’ll be on to it faster than Ashley Cole’s lawyers. Btw, Who Ate All the Bratwurst will be continuing (yay!) after the World Cup finishes, but with an emphasis on the global game – or ‘soccer’, as some people insist on calling it. Bookmark both now!