Souness confirms bid of £20m for Wolves


9th, January 2007


When I heard that Graham Souness was to take control of Wolves, I naturally thought it would be something like a fight to the death with an entire pack. Well, it isn’t. Old pig heart, Graeme Souness, has claimed that he’s made a £20m bid to take control of Wolves, despite the club denying the story.
Wolves’ chief executive Jez Moxey had earlier dismissed reports that the former Liverpool boss had shown an interest in buying Wolves from Sir Jack Hayward.

Souness told the Express & Star newspaper: "I don’t know why Jez
Moxey is saying these things. Last week I made an offer, subject to an
examination of the club’s books and accounts, of £20m."
Souness has been out of work in football since being booted out of St James’ Park by Newcastle
in February 2006. He’s been linked with the job at Crystal Palace but
he has instead turned his attentions to a £20m Molineux buy-out – the
figure that Hayward recently put on the Championship outfit.

Souness, who has also managed Rangers and Blackburn, added: "I have had several telephone conversations with Sir Jack Hayward and I have spoken as well with Jez Moxey. I was told ‘no’ by Jez Moxey but the offer still stands. It is Sir Jack’s football club and if he chooses not to sell it at this time, that’s his prerogative. He can do what he wants. I have a partner and I see the club having vast potential and I would put more money into it – if I got the opportunity. This is not a Johnny Foreigner coming along to make a quick buck. But Jez has told me the offer wasn’t acceptable. That’s the end of the matter but it is there on the table."

When questioned about the reports in the Daily Mirror, Moxey said: "It is not true that we are in negotiations with Graeme Souness or anyone connected to him. However, we do not want to conduct our business through the media and, as is company policy, will only comment on important matters when we have something substantive to report." [Mof Gimmers]

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