Brum fans get kicked whilst they’re down


10th, January 2007



I feel sorry for Birmingham City’s fans. I really do. The real ones are being kept out of the ground by over inflated ticket prices and they constantly live in the shadow of their arch rivals Aston Villa. Well, to make matters far worse, their own beloved club have shat on them as well with their Official Club Diary 2007.

Like most club’s diary or yearbook, the publication kicks off with a list of the club’s honours. Having a thumb through, the Brum fans may well have scratched their puzzled heads as they read about seven league titles, seven FA Cups, five League Cups and the 1982 European Cup. Then, a slow penny drops and of course, the 2007 diary lists the acheivements of the enemy, Aston Villa.

365 report that a Birmingham City spokesman insisted the mistake was made by the
printers of the diary, and threatened to cancel the club’s contract
with the company.
"Luckily we caught this early and were able to claw back the majority
of the diaries before they went out. However some still got through,"
he explained.
"We have been dealing with the company who printed them for a number of
years and on this occasion we were not sent any proofs before the
diaries were printed. This is a massive cock-up and we are currently looking at cancelling
the contract with the company in future."

Naturally, Castelli Diaries, the printers of the error, insist that they
only printed information supplied by Birmingham themselves.
"We would have taken the information for these ‘tipping pages’ from
information supplied to us by the company who is commissioning the
diary – in this case Birmingham City," a spokeswoman insisted. [Mof Gimmers]

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  1. Lew says:

    That is the funniest thing I’ve read for ages. It reminds me of the comedian Alan Davies, who, after leaving school used to do graphic design work for a company who supplied pencil cases etc. to Spurs. He admitted he used to try to get tiny cannons in the designs.

  2. bluey says:

    lets not forget villa had a picture of burnley on there offical history video cover it happens