Rumour Balls: Real Madrid want to steal Carlos Cuellar from Aston Villa

Ollie Irish

16th, December 2009



The rumour: The Mirror claims that Real Madrid are looking to shore up their defence by kidnapping Carlos Cuellar from Villa Park. With Pepe out for up to half a year with ligament damage, Real are light at the back and will surely sign a defender or two soon. Cuellar has been getting better and better for Villa this season, and has apparently caught Madrid’s wandering eye.

Will it come true? Hmm, I suppose it’s credible, in as much as any ‘big club wants good player!’ rumour is credible. But Martin O’Neill will fight tooth and nail to keep the pube-headed Spaniard. So I say NO, it won’t happen. Feel free to add your spare change…

Source: Mirror

PS. That’s four Midlands club posts in a row. It won’t happen again.