England’s new kit is rubbish


5th, February 2007


England_kitLadies and Gents, let Pies be the first to pass judgement on the new England home shirt.

It’s shit.

This really is the worst England shirt that Pies have ever seen, and can only hope that this is some terrible mistake. Surely the blind morons designers at Umbro can come up with something a bit cleaner and more universal than this monstrosity? Click on the mage to see it closer up… if you’re mental enough.

[Mof Gimmers]

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  1. Charlie says:

    Trust me, it looks alright on the players. That pic doesn’t do it justice.

  2. joe says:

    It barely looks any different than the old one. They should bring back that grey one they had at Euro ’96!

  3. David Keyes says:

    Really, don’t hold back. Tell us what you think!

  4. OmegaSupremeho says:

    It’s dreadful, all umbro kits are dreadful. That crap on the right shoulder is just a rip off of the United kit of a few years ago. The solatary gold star is an embarassment, not something we want to announce.

  5. Jim says:

    This new kit looks prety much the same as the current one…lazy work by Umbro really.
    The gold star is something to be proud of, lots of top countries cant boast at winning the world cup!
    Spain for example…

  6. bryn says:

    i agree with joe, bring back the euro 96 kits. imagine david james in that rainbow ‘keeper kit!

  7. mof gimmers says:

    I say ditch Umbro completely and bring back the Admiral ’82 kit.
    [Pies Lackey]

  8. Rob P says:

    Airtex Mexico 1970 is the way to go, I reckon!

  9. Visser says:

    How has nobody else noticed we have a bloody england kit with german colours on it?! ARGH its horrific! White, red, black and yellow. Shit.

  10. stgeorge says:

    Dear Visser.German colours are black, red, and GOLD.
    But the shirt looks awful, thats true.Maybe the “wannabee german colours” improve our footballing skills a bit.We truly need it.
    Get rid of Umbro and make kits of adidas, Nike, Puma.At least try to look like a big football nation.The current shirt is a disgrace and fits the inside

  11. jack says:

    its bloody horrible

  12. fahater says:

    what a piece of sh…
    would´t wear it, if i got one for free.
    I wonder if the designer is still working for umbro?
    they´ll probably kick him out, when realizing what we(the england fans)think about it.
    FA:Fuck Umbro and sign Nike or adidas.Pisses me off what they create every two years.It´s getting worst and worst.I become jealous when looking at french away, german, italian away…whatever.Everything´s better than ours.Crap

  13. annoyed says:

    i think they should at least ask wat it should look like. its horrible. a fucking joke. i am a shirt designer and i say that i should design the next kit add me at msn if u want to see it

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. scottish lad says:

    well i like it alot as a scot but well i support man u but the top is ok liked the last one more but scotlands is better k.o lol