Where Do You Turn When Even FIFA 13 Thinks You’re Less Than Worthless? (Photo)

Chris Wright

12th, October 2012


By Chris Wright

It’s a sad day when even your video games start admitting that they think you’re worthless…

“Apparently my player in career mode is so terrible Sir Alex wants me sent out on loan. Brighton and Hove Albion are willing to bring me in and are offering me -$1 per week to play for them it seems!”

-1$ a week? So, in effect, you’d be paying Brighton to play for them? Wow. Those are the most depressing contract terms we’ve ever clapped eyes on – though probably not a million miles from what Barnet are offering Edgar Davids.

Lawd. Where do you go from there? We’d suggest a one-way trip to the glue factory.

Via the wonderful KCKRS

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  1. Keegan says:

    i sent a contract extension to an expiring player and he accepted but it took away a year and wont let me resign him

  2. Jarren says:

    @Keegan: Yeah that happened to me too when I gave Simon Ferry (Swindon) a year extension.

    He’s now got like -2 years on his contract!

    No idea how that’ll pan out, will it go up to -1 year and then 0 years?


    There are a few little bugs I’m noticing in FIFA 13. Wonder will they release a software update?

  3. Giancarlo Marcelli says:

    I had one bug where the ball laid on the goal line right next to the post outside of the net, and the goalie was stuck against the post, and the defender just watched it and I could not select anyone or move anyone. After about 10 seconds a CPU opponent ran after it and shot it in to the side netting. I feel that FIFA 13 is more buggy than 12. And where the fuck is player manager mode?! how could they get rid of that?! CPU manager makes the worst decisions

  4. porcelain sandwich says:

    I’ve had to make do with an invisible ball for the last 10 matches of my career mode. It’s funny at first but gets very annoying after a while.

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