David Beckham To Quit LA Galaxy For ‘One Last Experience’ Elsewhere

Chris Wright

20th, November 2012


By Chris Wright

David Beckham has today announced that the season finale MLS Cup Final against Houston Dynamo on December 1st will be his last for LA Galaxy for, after six years playing in La-La Land, he is leaving the States in search of ‘one last experience’ elsewhere before he retires.

Beckham, now 37, issued a brief statement, saying:

“I’ve had an incredibly special time playing for the L.A. Galaxy, however, I wanted to experience one last challenge before the end of my playing career.

“I don’t see this as the end of my relationship with [MLS] as my ambition is to be part of the ownership structure in the future.”

Rumour is that Beckham’s camp are in preliminary talks with a couple of A-League clubs about a short stint down under, with Melbourne Heart claiming themselves that they have nattered with Becks over a ten-game contract – though the man himself has said he has ‘no plans’ to play in Australia formulated quite yet.

Assuming the likes of AC Milan won’t be interested this time round as Beckham has openly stated he’s winding down his career, we’ll have a shiny groat on him turning up in Australia before long as part of their current profile push.

Who knows, he may even get his very own Heskeycam?

Beckham has certainly done his bit for the MLS, using his profile to help swell interest in the league – even if it was a little starry and schmaltzy to begin with. Beckham was a celebrity who just so happened to play football and he was used as such.

Whether he revolutionised the league, which was and is slowly going from strength to strength anyway, is another matter – though his presence surely helped precipitate the arrival of other big name players (Thierry Henry, Rafa Marquez and to a lesser extent the likes of Robbie ‘unidentified fan‘ Keane) who suddenly saw American soccer as a credible, lucrative alternative.

For that, he deserves a pat on the back, surely?

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  1. ejc says:

    Surely it’s worth a few bob on Carlo taking him to PSG? One last shot at European football, lots of wonga, big name to help the rebrand they seem to be undertaking? Apart from pace he’s not lost anything in my opinion…

    More likely he’ll fade away in Asia somewhere. Drogba/Beckham set-piece dream team anyone?

  2. Fnarf says:

    I heard Australia, but who knows.

    I hate the bastard pitilessly, but I have to admit he’s done good by our league, once the stupid hoopla died down (remember Posh Spice’s reality TV show?). And, much as I hate to admit it, he’s been an outstanding player for Galaxy, even if all he does anymore is stand and wait to drop in those pinpoint passes. Doesn’t seem like much until you realize how much YOUR team could use some pinpoint passes, and how much you’re not getting them. I’m glad I got to see him, even if he was beating us (Sounders).

  3. ChristianVieri says:

    The poster boy for whats wrong with football. Mediocre has-been who was never remotely close to world class, relentlessly over-hyped and then vilified when he inevitably failed to deliver when facing good opposition.
    Peaked briefly at Man United, then sold shirts at Madrid, a crossing statue with zero mobility at Galaxy(but hey he sold LOADS of shirts!!)
    Its laughable the reception and reverence the english press have for someone of Beckhams talent, compared to the near contempt Ibrahimovic and most overseas players get.
    Hopefully he’ll retire and we wont hae to hear any more PR or news stories created by Brand Beckham PR inc.

  4. TravisKOP says:

    @fnarf bahaha sounders fan, sorry bud. been to a few galaxy-sounders games and seattle usually gets thoroughly wholloped.

    As a whole becks has made the MLS what it is now, fairly watchable championship level football. before he came to the galaxy turnout to the games was shit, it was impossible to see ANY game on tv (wasnt televised and why really bother) Changed the way the clubs viewed their athletes, in aspects of pay mostly (the avg mls player roughly makes 45k a year aka what i call McDonalds wages) and turned the sport upside down. since his switch from madrid to LA in 2007 seven, thats right SEVEN new franchises have been added to the league. I’d say he was worth how much they payed him

  5. Hubo says:

    Saudi Arabia FTW!

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