Benitez fines squad


20th, February 2007


With some people saying "It’s all lies. I’d be more ashamed to believe it than anything. If you could conjure up an eyewitness report or a police record, that’d be great" about the Craig Bellamy story on these very pages, it’s worth pointing out that today, Rafa Benitez is set to hand out the punishment for his players’ naughty actions.

Benitez has fined 15 Liverpool players who broke curfew during the squad’s messy end to their trip to Portugal last week.
The Liverpool manager is understandably furious that the squad’s preparations for the Champions League tie with Barcelona have descended into farce and  drunken brawls. He’s already fined Craig Bellamy two weeks’ wages for attacking John Arne Riise.

According to The Daily Telegraph, this latest misdemeanor has
convinced Benitez to offload the Welsh striker at the end of the
season. ‘The former Newcastle striker’s prospects under Benitez now appear
non-existent as a result of his clash with Riise. Bellamy’s mediocre
form for Liverpool since his arrival last summer, which has brought a
return of eight goals in 31 appearances, has disappointed Benitez and
the possibility of him being sold was already on the agenda before the
events in Portugal,’ the newspaper reports. [Mof Gimmers]

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  1. Brian says:

    Yeah, they got fined because they missed curfew, that’s all. Two weeks wages?! Ha! Was reported in the Sun, right? lmao. Pathetic.

  2. mof gimmers says:

    Brian. Read.
    The. Daily. Telegraph.

  3. joe says:

    Offload him to Bolton, they take washed up headcases.

  4. I think alot of the squad needs to be off loaded, and not just Bellamy, once again its only the scouse lads that have turned up this season, and the exception of Xabi and Dirk I think the rest of the squad if at all possible should be gone and start again, I know it won’t happen. But liverpools squad will not challenge until some real quality is brought in, Bellamy isn’t quality.

  5. Myrmidon says:

    I’m honestly wondering how many sources will have to note this story before people believe it. Or is it all that Anti-Liverpool/Pro-London bias/cabal I hear about?
    I really don’t get Bellamy. Although I can entirely see him washing up at Bolton.