LA Galaxy get the services of another Brit


1st, March 2007


Rumour has it that Ipswich Town’s Darren Currie has secured a two-week trial with LA Galaxy, and should he stay, he’ll of course by playing with a certain Mr Beckham. Looking at this compilation video, the kid looks a bit good…

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  1. bryn says:

    he is totally overrated.
    all tricks like c ronaldo, but ronaldo actually scores a load and gets assists aswell.
    in that clip he only gets 3 goals, and one of them takes a fuck off deflection.

  2. Justin says:

    Agreed, bryn, but he will score A LOT more in the MLS. There’s a lower quality of play there, but he still needs to work on hitting the net.
    In the first 3/4 of that clip he either misses the net badly or kicks it straight to the keeper. He looks like me in my Sunday league.

  3. Darren Currie is a very good CHAMPIONSHIP standard player, I think he’ll do ok over here, the older he’s got the higher up the league he’s gone.

  4. Dom says:

    What are those flaps on his socks? Gills?

  5. Visser says:

    meh – hes good on the ball – he a winger or a striker that pulls back? he seems a bit greedy at times from this compilation too, opting to shoot rather than cross. He’d annoy me if he played along side me, mainly because he does seem to have some talent.