Sporting Lisbon Fans Attempt To Kidnap Bruma In Order To Prevent Him Joining Chelsea

Chris Wright

11th, July 2013


By Chris Wright

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Having lit up the FIFA U20 World Cup over the past couple of weeks with five goals and a flurry of impressive performances, the world and his dog have found themselves linked with Sporting Lisbon wunderkind Bruma of late – though it’s the interest from Chelsea being mooted which is giving Sporting fans sleepless nights at the moment, with Jose Mourinho thought to be very keen to acquired the €10million(ish)-rated Portuguese winger this summer.

Indeed, Sporting fans are becoming so nervous that they may lose Bruma to Roman Ambramovich’s all-engorging Blue behemoth (Galatasaray are known to be tailing him too) that a group of them began an online campaign to make sure their 18-year-old prodigy stays put – by kidnapping him.


Bruma’s agent, Catio Balde, has told Portuguese radio station Antena 1 that members of a Sporting supporters group known as ‘Juve Leo’ attempted to snatch his client from his hotel last night, also implying that the whole thing may have been an inside job on Sporting’s part:

“Last night there was an attempted kidnap of Bruma by Juve Leo at the hotel where he lives. We have registered a complaint with police and we have been informed it was done at the behest of Sporting’s management.

 “We have pressed charges. This is a very serious and unpleasant matter, and it led to this decision.”

According to several sources, Bruma is reportedly now keen to terminate his Sporting contract and is hoping that FIFA will intervene and assist him to do so – leaving him free to join another club thus screwing Sporting out of receiving a fee for his transfer.

How very convenient. Maybe we’re looking at an “inside, inside job” here, where a hypothetical player’s hypothetical agent stages a kidnapping, blames his hypothetical club and is then free to hawk his wares to whomever he so pleases?

Any road up, it would appear that things are about to get very ugly.

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  1. Nuno says:

    Things are a bit more complicated than that Chris. Bruma’s lawyer and agent say his contract expired last June. Sporting say the contract is still valid until June 2014.
    If the lawyer and agent get their will, Bruma would go to Chelsea (or another club) for FREE, and THAT is why he was supposedly kidnapped / threathened (although I find it more likely to be an invention from the lawyer to give an excuse to termite his contract).
    I personally haven’t understood how can there be doubt over the contract expiry date but hey, never underestimate the lack of ethics on players’ agents!

  2. Miguel says:

    Excellent comment made by Nuno. It’s more than obvious that this history is being invented and was totally brought up by Bruma’s lawyer.
    In addittion, Bruma has already skipped two trainings during today. His lawyer is trying to get Sporting to terminate the contract with Bruma, effective immediately. It is really sad to see how an amazing player, with only 18 years old, carrying all the tools to be a massive STAR to Sporting fans, has already ruined its career in this club…
    Agents and lawyers can be real leeches and what is happenning with Bruma is just sad. That being said, Bruma’s contract is valid until July 2014. Let’s see if Sporting will keep the best player since Ronaldo on the bench or forgive him for this complete mess

  3. jskerry says:

    Several key questions may be raised on this matter:
    – All along this soap opera, did the player’s representatives had any other intentions besides breaking the contract?
    – Why didn’t they ever accept the presence of the player in any of the so-called negotiations’ meetings with the club to date?
    – Who’s behind the scenes acting as a puppeteer?
    – Who’s patronizing the whole plot and feeding the fat cat?
    – Is there anyone kidnapping the player now?
    – Will he reappear soon as a competitor in Splash TV series?

  4. jskerry says:

    And finally the one-million-dollar question:
    – Is the player REALLY 18 years old?

  5. Temjin says:

    Nothing much to had to the previous comments. It is apity that you guys in WALTP decided to publish a clearly fake story but I guess that that makes for more interesting reading that reality. Why be the times when you can be the sun right?

  6. Al says:

    Any truth to the rumour that a few Liverpool fans have just bundled Downing and Henderson in to the back of a van in the hope that the kidnapping will cause their contracts to be cancelled?

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